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On the subject of the maintenance issues affecting our district schools, Lorraine Longhi of the Arizona Republic wrote a story about the issue. You can find it here. The article paved the way for a meeting with district leadership. This issue was not isolated to just Kiva Elementary. There were other district schools dealing with similar issues. Our children should never be asked to learn in less than optimal learning environments, nor should our teachers and staff be asked to work in them.

The meeting with district leadership proved successful, as a new maintenance program was established. The district maintenance team would tour a new school every couple of weeks and identify issues. They would then focus on resolving those issues, before moving on to the next school. I am proud to say that many of the issues that were happening at Kiva, were resolved as a result.

I've also been focused on financial transparency issues while my daughter has been in the district. One such issue was unauthorized pay stipends being paid to some district administrators. You can find that article here. I am the parent mentioned in the article. Out of fear my daughter would get singled out, I chose to stay anonymous at the time.

I've also found other financial issues since, and am pushing for increased financial transparency between the district and our community.

Some other news stories regarding the issues above can be found below.

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