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History of Advocacy, support, and action with SUSD Schools.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I often get asked about my history of advocacy and support for the district. I thought it would be easy to list some of them out. It is so important to note that there are so many caring parents, and it takes a community of caring parents to create positive change. I just have tried to do my part to create a positive difference.

- Joined PTOs/APTs

- Volunteering for any event I could. That ranged from spending the day at an elementary school supporting the PE teacher for field day, to chairing Dads and Donuts, to working the teacher night. There is much more, but this gives an idea that I try and support our schools any way I can.

- Forced action regarding unauthorized pay stipends some district administrators were receiving. I discovered these issues, and eventually had to go to the press. After an investigation, the district required the administrators to pay the stipends back, and the assistant superintendent over HR resigned.

- Uncovered maintenance issues at our district schools. This caused me to eventually escalate the issue to the press, when I was having difficulty getting the issue addressed by the district. I was able to get a meeting with district leadership, and a new maintenance plan was created. This resulted in the district addressing maintenance issues in a more timely manner. Our students, teachers, and staff should always have an optimal learning environment.

- CGP/Gifted at Mohave. This program was a necessity for the Math and Science Academy at Saguaro. The program at Mohave was also important for Kiva Elementary. Without it, Kiva would suffer additional enrollment losses. I was able to meet with district leadership and talk about the importance of these programs. Dr. Kriekard made the decision to keep the program at Mohave. Kiva also became a CGP school to help grow the program at Mohave. This reinforced the important of the Science and Math Academy at Saguaro, and established a pipeline of future students.

- Took off work to help with weekly school tours for families at Kiva Elementary. The school had experienced a lot of principal turnover, and myself and another dad took off work to help with the school tours, and ensure enrollment growth.

- Talked to district leadership, and governing board members, numerous times to advocate for the Kiva rebuild. This took a lot of work by many caring parents, but Kiva was finally announced as a rebuild last school year.

- Have continuously supported teachers and staff.

- Attended board meetings often and spoken when necessary to advocate for positive change.

- Uncovered issues with the way the district was paying for fringe benefits for district cabinet. I was able to alert the district, and they hired outside counsel to review. Discussed the issue recently in executive session, and they are hopefully addressing the issues.

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